S-KØRP1 Limited Edition Watch

Andre Fangueiro is redefining the rules of triathlon bicycles, by utilizing aerospace materials and working in partnership with formula 1 manufacturers to secure the most unprecedented and ultimate driving performance available on the market today. The S-KØRP1 team are industry pioneers, making advancements in the bicycle market through their development of the first lightweight wheelchair made from Graphene. S-KØRP1 are revolutionizing the performance of triathlon bikes with a frame that is 30% lighter and 20% stronger compared to classic carbon farmes, making the S-KØRP1 truly unique.

S-KØRP1 Launch

Studio Lata is very proud to have developed the S-KØRP1, the 1st Graphene Triathlon Bicycle.

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Client Description

It all started with a single idea, offer the most innovative bicycle frame to date by using space-age materials, cutting edge development technology and a new approach to aerodynamics with its direct drive.

Now the name S-KØRP1 lives on as a well-known brand of fine crafted bicyles.

Studio Lata's work

Proposal Description:

2019 marked S-KØRP1 birth, which they wished to celebrate with the release of a limited edition bicycle. This limited edition frame was planned to be produced in a Day & Night version of which only 100 numbered pieces will ever be produced. The brief for this project was to achieve best and most aero bike in the world.

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